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Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Photo Blogging Challenge (September 2017): Selfie

I'm not a huge selfie fan. I have always preferred to be behind the lens but here we go.

Long time followers of a lil hoohaa know that I kind of like Halloween. When September rolls around, we keep an eye open at that empty spot at the mall that Spirit occupies this time of year. 


Waiting for lunch I noticed my shadow. This is my typical selfie.

I will admit I like playing with snapchat filters. Usually for my own amusement.
Just out for a night ride. #phonehome

My scouts led the McGregor Founder's Day Parade again this year.

We finished up September with a 15-mile backpacking trip. I didn't realize we were going to get all 15 miles in one day. This is the end of a very long day.

There's my five. I apologize for not being very active lately. We've been busier than normal at home and at work. I'm trying to keep my photos up though and I'm looking at yours just not getting around to meaningful commentary or any for that matter. I'll try to do better.


Lisa said...

This prompt was difficult for me as well. What I do like it putting a face to a name. Now, when I see the links on PJ's linky party, I have a better idea of who they are. Fifteen miles in one day? Wow....that's all I can say! And, I love Halloween too. :-)

Denise Kitagawa said...

No need to apologize. When the busyness of life ebbs, you'll make time for blog hopping. In the meantime, keep on enjoying those 15 mile backpacking trips, scouts and getting ready for Halloween! Another great set of photos this month.