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Friday, July 31, 2015

Photo Blogging Challenge (July 2015): Patriotic

Well, July found me on the road quite a bit so my take on Patriotic is going to be pretty standard patriotic fare being the most patriotic month here in the US.

Except for this one:
Wilbur America Match made in Heaven
Wilbur returns in his full patriotic form! Does it get any better?

The rest are some of my better attempts at fireworks. I used my Triggertrap cord hooked to the iPhone. It worked well.




That's all I have this month. I've got some fun backpacking through Colorado pics followed by a diving trip to Grand Cayman. They didn't really fit the theme. Take a look at a 'lil hoohaa's page for the other entries. We'll see you next month.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Photo Blogging Challenge (June 2015): Anything Goes

Anything goes, eh? Challenge accepted! My first breaking of the rules is more than five pictures. Take that! My second, is that my boys took a couple of these on our visit to DC. So BAM! Anything Goes! Here WE go.

Will played in a summer basketball league. Talk about Anything Goes; they called fouls and the team accumulated them, but there was no fouling out so there were teams that used that as their strategy.

Will also made Life Scout at our June Court of Honor. Now both boys are Life and ready for an Eagle project of their own.

It's all Will! He took this photo of the family at dinner our first night in DC. We're actually in Alexandria here.

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law reflect in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

John took this of Brother Will looking fly. (Do kids still say that? #swagger)

When we came up to Mt. Vernon, you could hear this fife all the way to the parking lot. John took this one too.

Our hotel was about a 5 minute walk to the Marine Corps Monument. I walked over there several times after dinner.

Here's Amy and the Boys at the Smithsonian Castle.

We're home and back to Scouts. We helped with one of my scouts Eagle project putting up new trail signs in Cameron Park and then went out to another park for a HAM radio field day. The boys earned the Radio merit badge.

Anything went. Another month in the books. As always, you can check out all of my photos on Flickr. You can also check out the other participants at a 'lil hoohaa. See you next month.