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Monday, November 30, 2015

Photo Blogging Challenge (November 2015): Morning

I'm usually not awake enough to remember to take a morning photo so this was a bit of a challenge. I tried to come up with a good mix but the majority came from the same morning.

I've shared photos of our family land previously. This was opening weekend of deer season. I like shooting them with the camera more than a gun. Photos are easier to clean but don't taste as good. I love watching the sun come over the hill from behind me and paint the country side. Flickr didn't want me to share this one. Click on it to imbiggen!_

It was a clear night so deer activity was light. Mother Nature gave us plenty to watch though.

And our patience was finally rewarded. We watched this young guy stroll by and his way to the feeder in the back pasture.

Always a good day for a parade, this was Will's last trip to the Waco Veteran's Day parade as he changes schools next year.

The weather is finally changing. It cooled off quickly overnight leaving us with a steamy pond.
Steamy pond

I hope you enjoyed my offerings this month. Visit my flickr page to see the rest of my month. There is a pretty sweet photo of a bobcat! Visit a lil'hoohaa's blog to see the other participants. And maybe join in next month.