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Saturday, May 02, 2015

Photo Blogging Challenge (April 2015): Friends and Family

Sometimes the easier prompts are harder because you have so many from which to choose. Such is the case for April's theme, Family and Friends. Easter fell in there so we had some family time. And really our friends are like family so let's just stick with that! Without any further ado, please enjoy my April offering.

As is our tradition, going on about 14 years now, Bluebonnets being the State Flower of Texas, families all across the state drag their children to a field, stop on the side of a busy highway, or find a secret spot on some Farm to Market Road less traveled, and make their family squat in the itchy grass and try to look like they are having a good time. For bonus fun, take a look at my Collection of Bluebonnets past.Bluebonnets_2015_

Easter was early this year, but that didn't stop the cousins from taking a chilly dip in my dad's pool after lunch.Easter_2015_8512

***BONUS SHOT *** - Easter is also quite close to, Lili, my niece's birthday. Happy Birthday, pretty lady. My dad's house has the best natural lighting of any house I shoot in.

We have a new family member. Meet Rosie (Mary Rose). We found her at the local shelter, they think she is a Shepard mix. I think she is going to be huge. I know she is 100% adorable!

My scout family got together to help one of their brothers put together his Eagle project. The work hard and play hard!

And finally, our school family took a trip south and visited the Alamo. Will's 7th grade class and a few parents toured the Alamo, but still couldn't find Peewee's bike.

Another month in the bag. I could have shared so many more. You can always see what I'm up to over at Flickr. I pretty much share it all. Take a look at the other folks over at a lil hoohaa. Join in for May, the theme is already up. Until next month...