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Friday, February 28, 2014

Photo Blogging Challenge (February 2014): Red

This months HooHaa Photo Blogging Challenge theme was RED. I was really surprised at the lack of RED in my photostream considering Valentine's Day being all about red. But I did my best, here we go.

Squares #fmsphotoaday

This is actually one of my boys' sandwich wraps but it looked enough like a table cloth and it's RED!


We had a string of cold, rainy days, not as many as some of you, I'm sure. Anyway, it warmed up quite nicely after a string of these so it was pleasant to dine al fresco.


My wife made little baked fruit pies one day. The next day, she used her left over crust to make these little savory meat pies. They were delicious.

Gutpak FTW. Drink of choice, Big Red, of course. @gutpak #twitter #fmsphotoaday

Many people know that Waco is the birthplace of Dr Pepper but it is also the home of Big Red. For me, nothing goes better with BBQ than an ice cold Big Red! Their old advertising is true, "it's not strawberry, it's definitely not cherry, it just tastes RED!" That concoction, by the way, is Vitek's Gutpak. It's a little like a Frito pie with BBQ. It won the Cooking Channel's Best College Food competition last year.


To wrap things up, the boys asked for tickets to see Imagine Dragons for Christmas. We obliged. I wasn't real familiar with the music but enjoyed myself as did they. They definitely listen to stuff I can't stand. This, fortunately, was quite entertaining. And they covered Rush's Tom Sawyer for us older folks. So they can't be all bad.

So, take a look at the other entries over at HooHaa's Blog and check back here next month to see what we have cooked up!

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Photo Blogging Challenge (January 2013): New

This month's them was New. Handy since it's a new year. So that's how we'll start this.

We spent our New Year in a hotel room in Scottsdale, AZ. We were there for the Fiesta Bowl. Our first BCS bowl!

My Baylor Bears were the well favored team but UCF had different plans and really caught our guys buy surprise.

Sic 'em!

Something old is something new for me. The historic Waco Hippodrome Theater was purchased and is being renovated. I was able to obtain some of the old seats. The place has a lot of history. I'm happy to see it preserved again. Elvis used to watch movies there.

I got some well used chairs today. Waco Hippodrome #wacotown #2014hoohaa365

Amy found a stray kitty, we got him fixed and were looking for a new home. Amy's sister took her instead.


Amy ran the Houston Marathon, but the day before we all ran the ABB 5K, everyone did a great job, that's a new PR for me in a 5K.

That's a PR for me. Still trying to get under 10 min per mile. I'm gaining on it. #abb5k

A new year and new scouts means lots of new scout skills to learn.
Mother Neff SP_January 2014_1250029

So, that's six. I can't count and I can't decide which one I would take out. It was hard enough to narrow it down to these. Why don't you take a look at the a 'lilhoohaa photo challenge page and check out the other fantastic entries. I can't wait to see what the February challenge will bring.