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Monday, February 29, 2016

Photo Blogging Challenge (February 2016): Leap

The challenge for this month's post was LEAP. I went completely literal this month. My youngest finished up his basketball season, only two losses and they both came at the end. One to a team that much larger than our guys. We had a little post-season get together over at one of the coach's. They had a shorter goal setup and had fun dunking. Here are the results.


I can't wait to take a look at the other participants. I bet you can't either. They can be found at a lil hoohaa blog. Take a look and check back to see what next month's theme will be. Join us! If you want more of me, you can follow along with my adventures for February at my flickr page. Thanks for looking.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Photo Blogging Challenge (January 2016): Inside

January's come and gone. Way too fast already. Our theme for January was INSIDE, but the weather in Texas was just too nice to spend a lot of time indoors. It was sunny and mid-70s F this weekend. I spent all day Saturday and Sunday on my bike. But, I was able to grab a few photo's while inside. I had an idea early on that didn't work out so I dropped it and have what I have. Let's get started.

There were a few chilly nights early on. Rainy and cold don't make a good mix but we made the best of it. My wife thought the boys needed to see Nine to Five. It's still funny! 
Saturday night like...

Basketball season is winding down but the boys are having a great season. They just suffered their first loss and it was a nail-biter making it even more difficult. This is from when they were on the other end of snatching victory from defeat.

Spent a little time out at the airport. My oldest got him a project Jeep and we had it stored in this hangar while waiting to get it over for paint.

The troop took a trip down to the Texas coast this month for our "camp out" and visited the USS Lexington aircraft carrier on their Live Aboard program. Here's a group of Life scouts planning their Eagle projects. The Live Aboard program is a great program giving the boys the opportunity to sleep on the ship and explore after the crowd had gotten off.

One of these night I realized I had taken a photo for my Project 366 so I decided a study in nicknacks was needed. Plus, it's always fun to pull out the "nifty fifty"!

There you have my selection for the month. Take a look at all of my photo's for the month, even the outside ones, over on flickr. Visit a lil hoohaa and take a look at the others. I'm about to do that myself. Until next month...