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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Photo Blogging Challenge (October 2015): Closeup

I couldn't come up with what I wanted to do for this month's challenge: Closeup. I had some ideas but none really entertained me much. So I just got in and played around some. And here is what I have:

I pulled out the Nifty Fifty for these. I tried to get in close to some toasted walnuts but just couldn't get in close enough.OctoberCU_0481

So I pulled out the extension tubes and played around with those. This is the same bowl of nuts with the 20mm and 12mm tubes stacked.OctoberCU_0482

You know by now that I love Hallowe'en. I found my flower bouquet after I started digging out the decorations. These next two were just the 12mm tube.

And the mummy, too!

Here is the bouquet in the brides hands. This one was back to just the 50mm with no tubes.

There are my five. I hope you enjoyed them. Take a look at the other entries over at a 'lil hoohaa blog. I know I will soon. Visit my flickr stream. And think about joining in next month!

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Photo Blogging Challenge (September 2015): Happy

The Photo Blogging Challenge for September theme was Happy! I had quite a few shots that made me happy. Having to choose did not. Let's take a look:

This is my happy place. We've had this land since 1969. I'm happy my grandfather bought it and my dad kept it.

Driving the jeep makes the boy happy!
New battery installed. Running again. #jeep #cj5

I'm happy to see the bridges lit up Green and Gold after another Baylor win.

Nothing makes me happy like hitting the water early on a pretty almost fall Sunday morning with a bunch of Boy Scouts.

The Game Day experience at our new stadium, complete with Sailgating, would make anyone happy.

And a little bonus shot, I've been building a new house and, after being more than patient, we fired our contractor, hired a new one and things got moving again. That even made the house happy.
Even the house is smiling now that work is happening again

That's my selection for the month, late as usual. Take a look at all of my September photos, if you'd like. Visit the link over at a 'lil hoohaa to see what the others have been up to. Join in for October, if you want. Until then...