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Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy September

Sunrise at 15000 just off from KPWG
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So far I've been to Sheboygan, Tulsa, and Southern Pines, NC. This week, I'm headed to Connecticut; next week, Brownwood, TX. Then maybe some of the madness will stop.

The trip to NC was a dark and early start. Fortunately we don't do those often. But it did provide an awesome sunrise. We played at Pinehurst #8 that afternoon. A little sprinkling that did nothing more than keep it cool.

Mid Pines is a really neat facility if you find yourself in the area. Old and quaint rooms, nice employees, two great golf courses, and a fantastic training center at Pine Needles. The area offers plenty of golf, for sure.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


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The newest addition to the Cameron Park Zoo. It was a little hot when we visited on Sunday. Hopefully our new friends will be more active when it warms up. There is a stone near the fence with a button on it. Apparently, they are trying to train them to press the button. The button sprays water on unsuspecting viewers.