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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Photo Blogging Challenge (May 2013): Night

I know I'm early with this but we are camping this weekend and I didn't want to miss the post. This month's theme for PJ's HooHaa Photo Challenge was Night. My problem is that the days are getting so long I'm asleep by night. So I did my best. All of these were shot at night.


We bought this motorbank a few years back because it had a parking deck and downtown Tulsa is sorley lacking in parking. After a few failed attempts to get things going, The Vault opened up. It's a really cool concept that has embraced the mid-century modern architecture of the building as well as its past as a bank. The Auld's own it, Libby is a fantastic chef that puts a unique flair on all of the dishes. If you ever find yourself in Downtown Tulsa, do yourself a favor and have a visit. Tell them Mike from Waco sent you. That and your credit card should get you some delicious food and beverage. You can find some additional photos in my Tulsa set.


May 13th is my baby's birthday. My baby turned 11 this year. He wanted a horse head mask for his birthday. I got him one. He is a clown.


We had a Boy Scout campout we hold annually called Welcome to Webelos where the Boy Scouts spend the day training the new Webelos. It gets us a chance to gather with the back and hopefully the Webelos enjoy themselves enough to join our troop after crossing over. Out Assistant Senior Patrol Leader grabbed my camera and tried to catch sunset. He just missed it. If you look at the bigger picture you can see just a hint of the sun below the treeline. Mr. Dao has developed quite an interest in photography himself.


A Memorial Day tradition is the gathering for what I like to refer to as Memorial Daze or Crumpalooza. This was our disputed 8th gathering. The kids aren't such kids anymore.


I'll wrap this month up with John practicing piano. He has a recital coming up is a few weeks and is working out the bugs on his recital piece. Both boys have gotten quite good. I enjoy hearing them play.

Until next month...