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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Photo Blogging Challenge (February 2015): Winter

Winter in Texas can be kind of tough to find. We started out February in shorts and ended it bundled up again.

It was pretty amazing weather, we were able to get out and hit the trails some.

Over Valentines day weekend, Amy ran the Austin half-marathon and the boys and I ran a 5K while we were waiting. Town Lake was hopping with folks enjoying the warm weather.

They paddled into the evening.

I finally got to see a little winter. I went for a visit to our Tulsa office. They had been hit by a bit of a snow storm a few days earlier.
I found winter. Not that I was looking for it.

Then, just when we though we were all done with winter, we got one of those weird weather days in Waco. Big, huge, flakes. It was so pretty coming down. The two photos below were taken only a few hours apart. In Texas, we get to enjoy three seasons in one day.

Hey, look, @hoohaa29 We have snow, too!Texas!

That's the best we can do for winter around here. If you want to see what winter looks like elsewhere, go check out the rest at a lil hoohaa blog. And we'll see you next month.