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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Photo Blogging Challenge (August 2016): Black and White

I just noticed that all of these were taken with my iPhone. I took a bunch of photos this month using several different cameras but here we are with all iPhone shots. This month's challenge was Black and White. I don't have much to add, let's get to the pics.

This was taken at 11:45-ish PM as I remembered I had not taken my photo of the day. I was running through the house trying to find something to shoot and turned on the wrong light and found it.
It's 11:45PM. The house is quiet and dark. Except for this one room and the flicker of the boys' TV. And I almost missed my photo for the day.

My wife collects cats. We now have two black and white ones. Penney, the baby, was found in the JC Penney parking lot. I call her lil' bit because we were just going to keep her for a little bit.
Jem says, "You're done now." #catsofinstagram

This, I originally posted to Instagram but got to playing around with it and liked the textures in B&W.

We waited all summer trying to find someone to fix our pool. We started putting water in it the day before the boys went back to school. This was prior to that. I just like the textures.
No pool yet

William collects goofy shirts. This is an example.
I'm Catman! #catsofinstagram

There's my five. August was busy and hot. Hopefully September will get me excited again. I'm ready to see what next month's challenge will be. Take a look at the other participants at A 'lil Hoohaa.