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Friday, August 30, 2013

Photo Blogging Challenge (August 2013): Summer

Summer seems to have really flown by this year. It was a busy one. Scout camp in July, followed immediately by two weeks in Grand Cayman.

August kicked off with one last trip.  A visit to Little Rock, Arkansas for a family wedding. While there we visited the Central High School that played such an important role in the civil rights movement.


After our return, our little Horsehead, fully aware his pool days were numbered, took advantage of a warm summer day.


I participated in the Geocaching 31 Days of August Challenge and managed to find at least one cache per day. It was good to get out and cache again.


For us, August means Back to School time. The boys are already geting settled in to a knew school year.


Even though school is in session, we still found time for one last splash! Until next summer...


Thursday, August 01, 2013

Photo Blogging Challenge (July 2013): Signs

This month's theme for PJ's HooHaa Photo Challenge was Signs. With two boys summer is a busy time and we saw lots of signs. Narrowing my selection was difficult and I decided to go two different ways with the theme.

The first part of July was spent in Talihina, OK at the Hale Scout Reservation. Below is our troop sign at the entrance of our camp site.


After returning from Summer Camp, we jumped on a plane and spent the rest of July on Grand Cayman.Our departure day also coincided with John's 13th Birthday. Here's his sign that he is now a teenager and happy to be at the beach!

@drjohnmd is 13! Happy Birthday!
Speaking of birthdays, we celebrated mine a week later. A sign I'm another year older.


This sign says you are too close! Within the 200 YD Limit, your boat can travel a maximum of 5 knots and must be headed either to the shore or away from it.


Finally, this sign was placed at the Public Beach. I like the thought of 'aloud' and 'allowed'. It tickled me.