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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Photo Blogging Challenge (May 2016): Outside the box

I decided early on that my take on the Photo Challenge theme of 'Outside the Box' was going to be very much in a box. You'll see what I mean. It also meant that I had to come up with more pictures in order to make it work. I'm pleased with the outcome. So, here we go:

May saw quite a bit of travel. The craziest trip was a one day 13 hour marathon that took me to Ft. Lauderdale and back for a short but necessary meeting.

My youngest celebrated his last year with a great group of kids. Their school only goes through 8th grade and the team is going different directions. Some of them have been together since Pre-K. I chaperoned their field trip down to Galveston. I'll miss seeing them all together. They really are a special group.

We visited Moody Gardens, it consists of three pyramids, one is and Aquarium, we visited the Rainforest and saw a few animals. The seagull is just a Galveston tradition.

Will also celebrated his 14th birthday with a trip to the bowling alley.

Finally, I said goodbye to the old Suburban. We rolled all 'ones' on our trip to Galveston. She had been having computer issues and electrical problems. As I was pulling into the dealership to pick up the new car, Ol' Black Betty said goodbye. It might have freaked me out just a bit.
It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks so we stuck with black for the new ride. My oldest starts driving this summer and I don't need the extra seats anymore.
My new ride. #parkedinwaco #parkedinmygarage #latergram

There you have it. May's submission for the a 'lil hoohaa Photo Blogging challenge. You can check out the other participants there. Or go to my flickr stream to see what else I've been up to.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Photo Blogging Challenge (April 2016): Vibrant

Oh goodness, I'm late again, I don't know why I can't get this together earlier. VIBRANT! That was our theme in this month's photo blogging challenge. Here we go!

April kicked off our monthly free concert series. We had a couple of vibrant performers. First up, the legendary Lee Fields, nicknamed Little JB due to his similarities to James Brown.

The headliner was a group out of Austin called Brown Sabbath. They perform Black Sabbath songs with a Latin Fusion twist. They were fantastic! The lead singer really captured Ozzy and the horn sections added a dimension you wouldn't expect. 

Jackie has worked for my family's business for 40 years this month. She is always vibrant!

We've had weird weather this spring. It's been wetter than normal. But we've gotten some nice, cool days for walks.
Waco Suspension Bridge

More weather, we've also had a lot of storms. They have caused a lot of damage and flooding. But have made for some beautiful sunsets.

Whew! Is that five? I better get this sucker posted and start taking photos for next month. Go check out a lil hoohaa for the others.  As always, all my stuff is on flickr...