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Friday, April 01, 2016

Photo Blogging Challenge (March 2016): Three

The photo blogging challenge turned three years old this month. I can't believe three years have gone by. The theme for this month was: THREE! It seemed easy enough. I was surprised again. SO bear with me as I present to you my five of THREE.

THREE marquee's on the movie theater facade. I used to love going out to the movies and then cell phones were invented. I can spend less money staying at home in a more comfortable chair and watch a movie without distractions just a few weeks sometimes after others. Zootopia was pretty entertaining though.

This was the 3rd Annual HOT Comicon, William enjoys video gaming and nerding out occasionally. He really likes his Fallout 4 Vault 111 hoodie. THREE Ones!

John, on the other hand, likes cars, trucks, and all the other things with motors. It's a little hard to tell, but that ATV only has THREE wheels. You can see the fourth in the background against the fence. He was getting a demo ride and the driver made an aggressive turn shearing the lug studs off the rear driver side of the vehicle. Not a very good testimonial to the ruggedness of the ATV.

Easter Sunday, these THREE knuckle heads went swimming, The water temperature was 47F. There was a fourth one but he held out until later.

Last, but never least. These THREE. They are my life. Without them I'd be incomplete.
This also is the first year in the fifteen year tradition of Bluebonnet photos that no one complained. We went out, they sat down, I took the pictures, and we left. Just like that. They have given up. :)

So, there's my five. I am pretty happy with them even if I did kind of backdoor this one. I had great plans once again but I think I enjoy sharing these more than a bunch of photos of threes. Visit a 'lil hoohaa blog to see the other entries. As always, check out my whole March and all of my other photos for that matter over on Flickr. Hurry up before it goes away. And join in with us in April. It's fun.