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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Photo Blogging Challenge (March 2015): Two

I though this would be an easy one. I had a grand plan. I did not execute said grand plan. This is what I have to offer. TWO:

Two shadows and a dog.

Catching up on my Proj365, I actually have two photos from which to choose.

These two old building caught my eye while out fishing. Supposedly, they were build for Boy Scouts to use.
They say this facility was built for Boy Scouts in the 50s

I'm a tipi, I'm a wigwam... two tents.

And the title of this one says it all, I needed one more 2.
I needed one more two. #fmsphotoaday

Hopefully, I will feel more inspired next month. My grand plan was to be 5 shots of different 2's similar to the last. that seems easy enough, no? Jump over to a lil hoohaa to see some folks who were inspired! Join in next month. We'll see you then.