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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Photo Blogging Challenge (April 2014): Smile

It's April already, the grass greening up and the nice temps are enough to make me smile. And, speaking of smile, that was our theme for the Photo Blogging Challenge for April. Let's get started.

Spring brings out the Texas Bluebonnets and our annual taking of the Bluebonnet Photo. The making of is never all smiles but the final product usually is.


Buckwheat Zydeko and Robert Randolf opened up our outdoor concert series Brazos Nights. The drummer's smile is what drew me to this shot.


Cousins together for Easter brings lots of smiles; add golf carts to the mix and you have even more. Will has on socks because he was wearing a chicken suit. Sadly, I have no photos of that.


The Scouts visited the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg. They have a Living History event that we have been trying to get to for some time. This guy was right out of a war movie. Such a character. The boys had a great time. The museum is fantastic too.


On the way home we stopped by Enchanted Rock State Park for a quick hike and what turned to be a rigorous cave exploration. I tore my pants and lost my wallet in the cave but a couple of my Scouts went back in and thankfully found it pretty quickly. They were all smiles after we made it out of the cave.


You can see all of my photos from the museum and E Rock by visiting my Flickr set. And, I have a collection of my Bluebonnet pictures throughout the years that I enjoy visiting.I encourage you to visit the a 'lil hoohaa blog to see the rest of this months entries. And why don't you join in next month?

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Photo Blogging Challenge (March 2014): One

March went by fast. The theme for this month was One. Let's get started.

My mother-in-law's birthday is March 2, we were going to be out of town so we celebrated early. One candle multiple cakes of multiple flavors.


We were gone because I had a conference in Aruba. Not too bad of a way to spend a week. This sailboat came by at the same time every day.


This was either hole number 1 or hole number 10, I can't recall. Either way, they both have a one and I did not get a hole in one. 


One slice missing from the pie.

Beautifully ordinary. #fmsphotoaday #2014hoohaa365

These guys are taking off just after we land every time I go to Tulsa. I never get tired of watching them.

Since my first photo was actually taken on February 28, here is a bonus. One leg, enjoying a scenic lunch while backpacking with my scouts.


So there is March. I need things to slow down just a little and by little I mean a lot! Check out the other amazing photos over at the a 'lilhoohaa blog. This brings to end a full year of Photo Blogging Challenges. On to the next year!