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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Photo Blogging Challenge (January 2015): Games

This month's photo challenge came to an end in a hurry. Where did January go? Do I start all these this way? This month's theme was games. I got this. We can do games. Let's not mess around and get started.

My year started out pretty good. My Baylor Bears were ranked number 5 in one of the college football polls, just barely missing out for a place in the inaugural NCAA Championship Playoff series, and had another stellar year. They led the Michigan State Spartans for 59 minutes in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas Cowboys stadium. Unfortunately, football games last 60 minutes and they were defeated by one point.
Cotton Bowl. Sic 'em, Bears!

You can play all sorts of games with dice. Many board games require them but they are also quite handy stand-alone.
Snake eyes. #fmsphotoaday

I've had this game for quite awhile and it was old when I bought it. This board was made in a little town just a short drive from here is what drew me to it. It's played a little like Sorry, if I recall, with marbles as the playing pieces.

My youngest was big into the video game Skylanders. You purchase these physical pieces and place them on a device that brings them into the game. Of course, there are limited edition figures and, of course, he "just had to have" many of them. And, of course, he couldn't care less about them now.

Our Boy Scout troop decided to take a break from our normal meetings and go bowling. Bowling has changed considerably since I last participated. Black lights and loud music are the norm. You can sort of text between the lanes on kiosk that also allows you to take photos for the scoreboard, order food, and see all sorts of statistics for your game. You can also select from many different kinds of games that are scored by how many pins you knock down. It was fun.

bowling swagI felt like you would be missing out if I didn't include this B-B-B-Bonus Shot-t-t-t of one of my scouts on bowling night. He was so full of swag from the top of his headband to the bottom of his high top socks. BOWLING!

So January is done; what will February bring? More photos will definitely be there, new participants, why not? What are you waiting for? You have a camera, don't you? You have some time to kill at least five times during the month. Join us! In the meantime, there are many other fine photographers and there photos to check out over at a'lilhoohaa.   ← Just click right over there to take a look at some fine photographers and their fabulous photos. You know you want to. What are you waiting for? CLICK IT! Go head. I'll be right here.