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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Photo Blogging Challenge (December 2016): ‘Tis the Season

'Tis the season. December was a whirlwind of activity. We packed a lot into 31 days and got it all done. 

December started out as it should. Pretty cold. That wouldn't last, Our temps have steadily vacillated between freezing and hot all month. 20s F two or three days then back to 70s and even 80s F for more. This was a nice cold hike early in the month. 

My oldest, John, made Eagle back in October. We were finally able to celebrate his achievement at his Court of Honor this month. It was well attended and I might have gotten a touch choked up. The gentleman on the right is a state representative and presented him with a Texas flag that was flown over the capitol. Thanks to my sister for playing photographer as I was otherwise engaged.

We did see some snow, kind of. This was one of those cold days and the wind was howling. The car wash had malfunctioned and was spraying a fine mist. The wind was blowing straight through the tunnel and turned it into a snow making machine. Quite a site to see.
It snowed at the Valero car wash. #carwashfail

Singing Christmas carols by candlelight is our regular Christmas eve tradition before settling in before the fire and watching some silly Mystery Science Theater 3000 Christmas riff.

And it all wraps up bidding the old goodbye and toasting (with sparkling grape juice for the younguns) the new year!

I hope 2017 brings you all great success and happiness. I always look forward to new beginnings with excitement of what tomorrow brings.

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Happy New Year, folks!