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Friday, December 02, 2016

Photo Blogging Challenge (November 2016): Thanks

November is the month that we set aside, over here at least, for giving thanks. We should make sure we give thanks year round but at least we know we've got a month. :) I was quite thankful in November, let's take a look, won't you.

I had a quick business trip to Bermuda. The weather was horrible two of the three days there. On Remembrance Day, the weather cleared up and I got to see a parade! And then attended my first rugby matches. You can see those pictures in my flickr stream.


My oldest, John, finally completed all of the requirements and passed his Board of Review for Eagle Scout. He has worked very hard and I'm super proud of him!

Speaking of scouts, I'm thankful that my scouts have a good sense of serving as they helped sort food at our local food drive.

I'm thankful that these turkeys still like each other, still make each other laugh, still make me laugh, and will still occasionally pose for pictures.

Finally, I'm thankful that this big guy didn't appear to notice me sitting on the ground not 10 yards from where he came out of the woods. I haven't had a lot of experience with coyotes but I certainly waited until a brush pile was between he and I before I picked up my camera for some shots.

I'm also thankful that I found a few minutes to get this thing together and posted. I hate when I took the photos and then just forget to post. Take a look at the others over at a lil hoohaa. See you next month!