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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Photo Blogging Challenge (October 2016): Water

Crap! I've been so busy I haven't put this together. I missed last month and don't want to skip out again. I was excited to see the theme as we had a camp out the first weekend of the month that was water based.

The lake at Ft. Parker State Park makes for some of the best sunset/sunrise photos. I don't know why.

We had about 20 scouts with us for the weekend. We had canoe races and a cajun style supper for Saturday night.

Mornings are pretty great too. Especially in calm winds.
Good morning!

We had a little fisherman hanging out with us most of the month. He finally made a catch.
It was suggested that he needed a skeleton fish on the line. They sell those! #halloween #halloween2016

We finished up the month back at Ft. Parker SP. The gentleman in the green shirt built this bridge over a creek in the park as his Eagle scout project. We had a couple of guys leave early but this is most of his helpers. It turned out super nice and strong/wide enough that the ranger was able to drive his Gator over it saving time and money getting to other areas of the park.

There's water. I can't believe how fast this month and year have gone by. I'm looking forward to Novembers theme.