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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Photo Blogging Challenge (January 2017): Express yourself!

January came in and went out like a light. These days just keep getting faster and faster. It's sometimes hard to keep up.

I'm kicking off my 8th consecutive Project 365. I still haven't missed a day. My goal this year is to try to be a little more thoughtful in the photo's rather than just grabbing something. I'm been mostly successful but have missed on that aspect a day or two.

This first photo really needed to be multiple photos so you could see all the different expressions welcoming the new year. But I think this one has a pretty good cross section of the folks celebrating with us.

I guess to "express yourself" a selfie is inevitable. I'm a long time out of high school but our high school dress code required socks. I still boycott socks for the most part today. But it was kind of cold this day and if you are going to wear socks, the might as well be Captain America socks!
I don't wear socks often but when I do they are Captain America socks!#murica

Two shoe photos in a row. These were my dad's boots when he was a kid. My oldest is also a JMD so I always hoped to get a photo with him in them. Unfortunately, by the time they showed up again he had outgrown them. They tell quite a story and some of it is in the comments.

I have a friend who has recently decided to start a food truck. Texas is pretty picky about their barbecue and we have plenty of folks out there cooking good eats. My friend is expressing himself by adding what he calls a Global Fusion flair. This particular brisket was during his Hawaiian theme. Pineapple, mango flavors and baked beans complete with Spam. He smokes a mean brisket, I hope he does well.
January_12of12 (3 of 13)

Finally, we had a District campout this month in Boy Scouts. It unfortunately coincided with state choir and band contests so we only had a handful of guys attend from our troop. It was also the end of and era. Our local camp land changed hands and the new owners canceled the lease. The place was opened in 1974 and has handled area scouts since. Enough about that, the boys had a great time, they put together this "sled" for the klondike race. El Cuidado. It was a mess. But it worked pretty well. They were in the medals up until the very end. And they were one of the few that built there own.

January...DONE! I see the February theme is up and I better start taking pictures. You can check out the rest of the particpants over at a 'lil hoohaa. And, as always, see me overshare over on Flickr