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Monday, July 01, 2013

Photo Blogging Challenge (June 2013): Bridges

So the theme for June was bridges. There are some cool old bridges around me so shouldn't be a problem. We don't have any covered bridges like PJ has but we have a suspension bridge with a lot of history. But that was not how this project ended up. Enjoy my journey!

We'll start out with Waco's most famous bridge. The Waco Suspension Bridge. One of the things I like about this location is you can see four very different bridges in very close proximity. I've written about the suspension bridge before and linked the wikipedia entry above, so I won't repeat it.


As I mentioned, one can see different types of bridges all in close proximity. Below is the Waco Steel Bridge built in 1901. It was the longest single span steel bridge in the world. It was recently rehabilitated and restored back to two-way traffic. You can see the remains of the Waco Interurban bridge here.


So, now is where I go off the rails a bit, so bare with me. Sure I could give you some more photos of hitoric bridges spanning various bodies of water, but what fun would that be? This is actually the first photo I took for this challenge. It is the bridge of my computer glasses at my office.


One of my boys is learning to play Radioactive by Imagine Dragons on the piano. As near as I can follow along (I'm not as adept at reading music as I once was), below is the bridge of that song.


Speaking of pianos, for my last offering, a portion of the long bridge of the piano.


I had hoped for the photo of a boat's bridge or even a game of bridge but that was not in the cards. (See what I did there?)

If you like these and want more you can see more challenge entries at PJ's blog.

Until next month...