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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Photo Blogging Challenge (August 2017): Summer

Summer went by way too fast. We made the most of it, however. Backpacking, kayaking, hiking were all on the menu early on. As summer wound down, we made a quick trip to the islands for an under water adventure.

We were able to make 10 dives over the week. We saw lots of marine life: nurse sharks, eagle rays, sting rays, moray eels, and turtles, both hawksbills and a couple of big loggerheads like this one. He's about 5 ft from nose to tail.

But all good things end. John was wrapping up a sunset paddle as the sun sets on his last summer living at home.

Our flight home wasn't until after lunch, so Will squeezed one more paddle in before loading up for home.

And just like that, we are back and they are back to school. Will starts his sophomore year and John starts his senior year. Time flies.

And a bonus pic of the solar eclipse we experienced here. We were in the 75% zone so this was as total as we got. This was through an IR filter.


Clare Barton said...

Great photos packed with summer adventures wow! Some of the things I'd like to do if I could during my life is to try surfing and go underwater diving with a water proof camera of course. I especially like the third photo of John holding his surf board looking out to see from the beach. I can sense a sad feeling as I imagine not seeing the same sunset next summer. The end of a chapter but also the start of something new.

Getting Fit in MA said...


Your shots are amazing. My favorites are the sea turtle & moon.

Lisa said...

Beach shots are awesome. I love the colors in the sunset capture. I got a few good shots of the eclipse this month too. My best one is here: http://ow.ly/QPYP30eRUAe. I love your marine life shots.

Tamara Gerber said...

Beyond amazing shots! Love all of them, especially the first one, the surf board in the sunset and the solar eclipse!

Denise Kitagawa said...

These are great. I thought I was handling the fact that both our sons are off at university now, but your photo of John has my eyes prickling...

Great job on the solar eclipse photo. Next time around I want to add an IR filter to our stack of filters 'cause I love the red color instead of bright white. We also had about 80% maximum, so a similar experience to yours.

P.J. said...

Your eclipse picture is pretty awesome. Very cool shot. And the sunsets are incredible. Amazing indeed how time flies. When I first came upon your Flickr years ago, your kids were still quite young. Through the world of the internet, it's something to watch them grow!