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Monday, July 03, 2017

Photo Blogging Challenge (June 2017): Different lens/camera

I haven't used this mirrorless Lumix in quite a while. Lately, the iPhone has been my main camera with my old 5DMkII when I remember to bring a "real" camera. I bought the Lumix in 2014 for our first trip to Philmont Scout Ranch. It is WAY lighter than the 5D. Last time I brought all sorts of solar recharging goodness that never worked right and weighed a ton. This year, I ordered three more batteries, charged all five fully and didn't get through three in the 12 days. My iPhone was still used quite a bit, just more easily accessible but these were all taken with the Lumix. I carried a long lens with me as well and never pulled it out of the bag. I hate when I carry things for 12 days and 60 miles and then never use them. Anyway, here's a selection, you can see all my photos as well as those of my crew mates over at flickr in my Philmont album.

This first one is at the opening chapel. Philmont holds several chapel services every night, they have a separate chapel available for many different religions. This was from the Protestant chapel. The only rain we got for 12 days was during the chapel service. This was just after the rains.
This was taken at Crater Lake, the Tooth of Time is seen in the background. We came through here in 2014 but didn't get to stay. I was glad we had an overnight here this year. The staff put on an excellent campfire show.
The first staff camp we visited that I hadn't at least been to before was Black Mountain. Here the boys did blacksmithing and got to shoot black powder rifles. Here is Will at the forge. 

Here we are at Cimmarroncito Resevoir with Cathedral Rock next to it.

In 2014, John was just 13 and out of the 8th grade, that is the minimum age for a Philmont trek. He always said he looked terrified in our photos at the top of the Tooth of Time so he wanted a photo that showed more confidence this time. I'd say this does it. You can't get any higher on the Tooth!

This trip was very special in that both of my boys were able to participate this year. It was also special because it could really be my last trek to Philmont. Crews are 12 people max and I need to make sure other folks have the opportunity to participate. We did around 90 miles last time and stayed primarily at trail camps. The 60-ish miles and more staff camps was a completely different experience and I might have enjoyed it a bit more. I know I liked the part where we did 5-7 mile days instead of 10-12 mile days. 

If you liked these and want more, or didn't like then and want different, head over to a lil hoohaa and check out the rest of the participants. And join us next month, won't you?


Tamara said...

Wasn't 2014 just the other day..?
Breathtaking nature pictures, thank you for sharing. Looks like you had a fantastic time!

P.J. said...

Looks to me as though you found yourself a treasure with uncovering that one. It's amazing how something simple like a challenge can force you to find and use something older. Nice images for that one, too! :D

Out and About with the GeoKs said...

Great camera for a long hiking trip like that. Mr. GeoK swaps out his Olympus for the almost pocket-sized Lumix when his back is bothering him or when we're cycling. He's worked hard to understand the in-camera panorama function, to greater or lesser success, depending on the day. I don't expect to ever do this trek, so appreciate the peek-a-boo thanks to you. It must warm you heart to have this shared experience with your sons, and the repeat trek provides a unique lens through which to notice how they are becoming confident, indomitable young men.