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Monday, June 07, 2021

Photo Blogging Challenge (May 2021): Spring Has Sprung

 Spring has sprung indeed! 

It's a time of new growth.

A time of way more rain than we usually receive.


Old friends return.

And love is in the air!

I hope everyone had a great May, now on to June!

Monday, May 03, 2021

Photo Blogging Challenge (April 2021): Drink Up

I don't know if I mis-remembered the prompt or just didn't pay attention but I had to rework my plans and see what I could make work. Wish me luck and bare with me as we Drink Up!

Let's start by drinking up that green and gold as my Baylor Bears win the NCAA Basketball Championship in true champion fashion.
April 2021_7217

Drinking up those April showers. We'll be missing the rain come July.
April 2021_7251

After the showers, we'll drink up some outdoors and sunshine.
RPR April 2021_7280

Drinking up some family time and silly traditions.
Bluebonnets 2021_8432

Oh, hey, did I mention my Baylor Bears are National Champs? We'll end it as we started. But it's a good thing we Drank Up the celebration because just a few days later our Hall of Fame Women's Basketball Coach of 21 years moved on to another school.
Baylor Basketball National Championship Parade_8746

I definitely know that in May Spring Has Sprung and will work towards that end! :)

Monday, April 05, 2021

Photo Blogging Challenge (March 2021): Eight

I couldn't quite decide what to do this month. I had a couple of ideas but I'd done something similar to them before so I decided to wing it and just see what happens. These are five from eights.

March 8: A friend had this machine in his garage for the last 20 years or so. It played great for about an hour and then the CRT went out. I've since plunged into the world of video game repair and will soon be trying my luck on replacing a CRT.

March 17 (1+7): St. Patrick's Day dessert

March 18: Penney poses.

March 26 (2+6): Hibiscus in bloom.

March 28: Full moon

There are my 5 of 8. Did it work? I reckon it did. Thanks for looking and hope to see you next month!

Monday, March 08, 2021


February was a crazy month for Texas. In three days time we went from -6F to 70F. Many folks lost power and water for several days. We were fortunate that we did not and were able to provide for our less fortunate family members. 

This months theme was "I Spy With My Eye". I've made mine an all animal edition. Let's get started.

I spied this little squirrel trying to hide behind the tree

Rosie had never seen so much snow before. She would run until her feet hurt from the cold. Even then we'd have to make her come in.

This little guy was small but quick!

I took advantage of a neighbors bird feeder to scope out some visitors.

These friends were waiting for me when I got home from work one day.

That's five. I had so many to choose from this month. You can take a look at my month at my flickr site. View the rest of this month's submissions at a lil hoohaa. See you next month.

Friday, February 05, 2021

January Photo Challenge: Change and Hope

A change in the calendar is expected to bring change or at least the hope of change. There is plenty than I am hopeful that will change. Let's see what I have in the old camera bag.

A dawn of a new day at the start of a new year. What could be better? January2021_5941

How's this for change? Snow in Waco. Real, actual snow, not that slushy stuff we get on occasion.

Can't think of a better day to take a dip in the lake! I love my adventurous friends.

We had a pretty bad fire out at the family ranch. Fortunately, it didn't damage any structures and will allow for a beautiful spring, I hope!

A change in power in the US and our first female Vice President. What a day!

January was a decent month. We're seeing hospitalizations coming down here. Folks are slowly getting vaccinated. I'm on the waiting list. Soon I hope.

Check out the other participants over at a lil hoohaa, join us next month!

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Food Photo Challenge (December 2020): Festive

Festive! The Christmas season is all about it! Colors, lights, smells, and even food is more festive. I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season! 


Photo Blogging Challenge (December 2020): The Magic Of The Season

The end of 2020 kind of caught me by surprise. As slow as the middle was going, December was here and gone. I tried to capture a good mix of the magic of the season for this month's challenge. Like much of the year, our Christmas looked different this year.

I have found myself waking up earlier these day. I also have spent much more time at our family's place out in the country. A good place to social distance, unplug, and decompress. I've been treated to some beautiful colors.

Our group that promotes Downtown Waco still held their annual Cocoa Crawl. It was well attended again and they only allowed six people at a time in the shops but I fell it moved well and we were kept quite safe.

Our decorations went up a little earlier this year. Why not?

These folks won a nationally televised contest a few years ago. Something like The Great Christmas Light Challenge. It's a ways out in the country but the cars were lined up for miles. Luckily, I know a short cut. 

I figured I'd best include an obligatory family Christmas mask shot. We usually have a big gathering at our house but we decided not to gather this year. We had a nice dinner at my in-laws and spent the rest of the day at home. 

Another year gone. Happy new year to you all. I hope 2021 is a better year for us all. 

Monday, December 07, 2020

Photo Blogging Challenge (November 2020) – Thankful

I'm not sure how this year can be both moving at a snails pace as well as blowing on through to December already. Thanksgiving was a bit different this year, as I mentioned in the Food Blogging post, my wife tested positive for both COVID-19 and Flu B a few days before the holiday. So we spent it apart from family and even each other as I isolated myself to the guest room. Yet we still have plenty for which to be thankful.

We've had some gorgeous skies the last couple of months, the sun sets out our living room window so it can really catch your attention.

My dad had another heart scare early this month, what kept in in the hospital for 38 days eight years ago only took 36 hours this time. Modern medicine is amazing. They were able to replace his aortic valve again without having to crack open his chest. And here he is just a handful of days later like nothing had ever happened and stronger than ever. 

Sunrises like to show off a little bit too, sometimes.

I'm thankful that despite all the added hardships, these two gentleman, who have been friends since kindergarten, were awarded their Eagle badges in a joint ceremony and that we were able to find a place that was willing to work with our social distancing requirements to honor and celebrate them. 

Finally, but not really as I have much more to be thankful over, I am thankful for two wonderful yoga instructors who have shown me the ways of both the yin and the yang. The slow long stretches of yin yoga have really helped with joint issues and balance as I age, the vinyasa flows working on the yang side have helped build strength and stability.

I'm also very thankful of PJ for continuing to host this challenge and for all of you who participate as well. I always enjoy seeing what the world looks like from your eyes!