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Friday, June 02, 2017

Photo Blogging Challenge (May 2017): Look up

Look up! and May is gone. Look up! and we are almost half way through 2017 already. Look up and see some interesting things.

These guys have mad a complete mess of my patio. They just had their second go around so hopefull they will be flying away soon.

If you look up, you may see me passing over.
I'll be right back.

It's not me, is it you? I looked up and waved.
Look up!

Look up and see some interesting cloud patterns.
Look up!

Look up 'cause the trees have snakes, y'all!

And another month is complete. Thanks for looking. I look forward to seeing what June brings.


Lisa said...

Yikes! The trees have snakes?! Great shot of the nestlings. I just discovered a nest of newborn Cardinals in one of our bushes. Love the cloud formation. Looks like you looked up just in time. :-)

Out and About with the GeoKs said...

I'm with Lisa - hope those snakes aren't hazardous! I also sympathize with you about the birds....although its deer that make a mess in our yard. This time of year they've moved to the river valley, but we're left fighting the clover, thistle and other weeds that have sprouted from the seeds they left behind over the winter.

I take it you're a pilot? Didn't know that 'til this post.

Tamara said...

It was me in that plane, didn't you recognise me? I was waving back like a madwoman?
Nice shots, what guys were those in your yard?

Mike Davis said...

Not a pilot, but I fly frequently for work.

The birds were some sort of mud wren or swallow

P.J. said...

A great set of images for the theme. I like the plane shots. And the clouds are cool. I sometimes get a little too into staring at clouds. But that might not be that bad of a thing!